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Film Geekery

Earlier, I posted a very, very short clip of me and a co-worker fighting with lightsabers.

This was shot, and SFX'd by another co-worker of mine. Who is starting to get really, really into it. And asked me if I knew any good books to recommend.

My response was "How the hell would *I* know anything?"

But, I *do* have at least two filmgeeks in my friends here...and they know more. So, I put this question forth: Know any good books for a starting wanna be flimgeek?
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Roooooomba update

So, I've had my roomba for about two weeks now.

Some thoughts: I shed a rediculous amount.

The roomba works really surprisingly well.

I need to figure out new way to get speakers on the other side of the living room, and the roomba catches the cable and tries to eat it.

I still need to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.
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So, my co-workers and I have been doing occasional shinai work. And, another co-worker got hisself a camera for xmas.

And then shot some footage of us.

..and then did some photoshopping.

And now? I am sithlord!

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(no subject)

Message from my father, reposted here.
Anybody know anyone?

Seems someone in your circle o' friends would fit the bill. Know
anyone? Josh is one of my coworkers, and he's a righteous dude.


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Oh.. I figure I should specify, This is a completely non-religious
wedding as well. =)

That's probably important to mention.


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I'm wondering if any one knows of any wedding officients?

Specifically, we're looking for someone who is light hearted and has a
sense of humor.

Also, being willing to dress up all renaissance and put on a good
accents would be rad =)


My GotY

Finished AC night before last, and I claim it as the best new game I've played this year. And a close second for the past three years to Supreme Commander[1].

The ending is obviously a setup for a sequel, but I don't mind, because they've been talking about the fact that it's a franchise since I've been hearing about it, and the historical storyline did get wrapped up to a real conclusion.

I've complained about the annoying shortcomings in the game, but the little cutscenes for the investigation meetings are pretty wicked. Although, it would have been nice to have explained that, when you steal info? You can access it via the pause screen, and it does things like show where guards are, and where scholars hang out, etc, etc.

But, this little exchange between me and the manager of game stop about the game totally captures the feel.

Gamestop Employee: What's the best thing about Assassin's Creed anyhow?
Gamestop Manager: You get to Shank A Bitch.
Me: No, no, no.
GSM: ?
Me: Come-on. It's that you get to RUN UP A WALL, THEN Shank A Bitch. Duh.
Everyone: *laugh*

[1] And that's hard. They're SUCH different games. SC just has that extra bit of coolness in keeping being fun.
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Song Lyrics game!

This is making the rounds again, but was quite fun the last time it went around...

Take your music player of choice, shuffle ten songs that have lyrics through, post the first line from each.

People try to guess, search engines are cheating...

Collapse )

Ok, in order to get this ten, I skipped 10 instrumentals, 3 mashups, 3 songs that the title was the opening line, 2 podcasts, and 2 stand up comedy sketches.
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