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Ok. So, I talked with Megan from Vegas just now.
Apparently, she's getting married, to a guy who she's known for a couple of months. The reason that she's giving, apparently, is that she wants someone who just won't go away, and legally can't. Now, I'm all for marriage. I think it's a wonderful thing for two people to vow to each other, in front of their friends, family, and whatever deities they worship. However, the flip side of that, is that I honestly think that divorce is something that shouldn't happen. Or, at least shouldn't happen for no good reason. So, I think that someone getting married for no good reason, (and, "we're pregnant." is, IMO, not a good enough reason.) is a bad idea. Ditto getting married to someone that you haven't lived with for at *least* a year. I don't care how long you've been dating. Live with the person. Figure out all the little shit that they do that bugs you. Find out if you can tolerate it, or get them to stop doing it. Because if you *really* can't stand it, whatever it is, then it stands a good chance of being one of those shanks in your relationship. Anyhow, I wished them luck, and said, "No thanks. I don't think I'll go." Mostly because I'm not *really* over her. I'm enough over that I won't be shooting myself, or anyone else, over this. But, *still* when I talk to her, my heart beats a little faster, etc. I loved her, very seriously, for a long time. And a big part of me really wishes that I still did.

Anyhow, that's all for tonight.

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