Pasha Blackcoat (blackcoat) wrote,
Pasha Blackcoat


Wow, it's been a while since I noted one of these, hasn't it?

Well, I covered, that I remember, since..crap, february.

#13 Goblin Hero: Fun little book, about a reluctant Goblin who goes on a quest (well, more gets shoved on a quest) to save the world as he knows it. There's a previous work somewhere in there, that I haven't been bothered to track down.

#14 Myth Hunters: Fun book that involves living Myths (Jack Frost is one of the main characters), a normal(?) human caught in the mist of a war in what's basically faire land, and a foxy lady (heehee). Followed by Borderkind, which I'm slogging my way through.

#15 White Knight Newest Dresden book. Damnit, and here I was hoping to see Murphy as the new Knight. Ah, well. Carlos as a virgin was priceless.

#16 Kushiel's Justice OMG SQUEE!!! SQUEEE!!!! *pant* *pant* *pant* SQUEEE!!! *pant* *pant* SQUEEEEEE! *head explode* On a more serious note, I've been working on a dissection of this book for a while in my spare time. Actually, I've been meaning to write up a whole big thing on what those books mean to me, one by one, and how they relate to not only how I see my life/reality, but how they've effected said perception, both for the better and worse.

#17 Learning Python, 2nd Edition This book was actually a pretty good base for purposes of 'I need to figure out what the hell this is doing, what this means, etc'. I don't think that, on it's own, I would recommend it for actually learning the language, but it's very well put together for figuring out how the language works.

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