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Welcome to Arkham
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Toital Annihilation
I had forgotten how *long* this game can take to play.

It's interesting how, with more modern games, a level taking more then an hour is not the norm, in fact, it would be frowned upon.

But not TA.  This game is full of rushing to take an area from your opponent, crushing them, sliding fortifications in, and then attempting to regroup enough to survive the counter-push, and hoping that you use the resources (and the battlefields are littered with resources) to push forward and grab another chunk of the map.

The Voices are Singing: Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins - 04/05/2006 The Zone Of Pure Breakfast

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cydergoth From: cydergoth Date: April 22nd, 2006 03:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
TA rocks. Core contingency rocks. XTA is a re-tune which makes TA rock even harder, and has record and playback for analysing games.

Can't wait for the new game from the same author. There hasn't been a better strategy game out since TA.

I still would like to be able to lock formations so the lightly armored but fast artillery doesn't outstrip the heavy tanks and get slaughtered.

Pelican swarms are my favourite units - they can hit sea, land and air units and are amphibious and deadly in large numbers. You can even take out a brawler swarm with them
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