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So, I've been playing Tourist Trophy lately (something that will come as no surprise to many people who know me), and I came to the realization that racing games in general, once I have absorbed a track, become almost Zen-like. The vast majority of my mind is empty, not concentrating on the race, leaving my eyes to tranfer orders to my brain olmost on auto pilot.  I'm not actively searching for things that are going to shoot me, or trying to figure out complex button combonations in order to break your face, just subtle finger movements, and typically subtle head and torse motions to go along.

Thiis, however, leads to my brain bieng in a meditative state, semi-free associating.  And, like most things, this leads me to thinking about my years lived in Las Vegas.  See, I may have lived here longer, but I'm sure that I had more experinces there that caused emotional growth on an interesting level.
It was there that I stopped being a child, and started thinking about more then just who my next fuck was going to be.   It was there that I actually came to grips with my sexuality.   It was..odd.  I miss it alot, sometimes.  I miss the people, the activities...I don't miss the heat, mind..

But oddly enough, I wonder what ever happened to Rob.  He was cool.

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