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Happy Webcomics Awarness Day

Ok. I know that pretty much everyone who reads this lj reads at least one webcomic.Well today, monday may 5th, 2k3 is WebComcics Awareness Day.
So, today, drop that 5 bucks you were planning on dropping in to their paypal tip jar. Or buy that shirt from them. Or at the very least, send 'em an e-mail saying "D00d, j0 r0x." ... Or something. Anyhow, behind the cut is the list of comics that I read at least once a week. If you read something else, and think it's cool, reply in here. I'll add it. ;=)

Daily, or M-F

SluggyWorship the Comic
Sinfest - Slick is my hero. Vive Le Resitance
PVP Online - Mmm..Jade..
Scholock Mercenary - Funny Scifi action set in the 31st century
Everything Jake - A semi-serious comic that sometimes forgets that comics need to be drawn, not just written.
Clan of the Cats - Buffy meets Bewitched meets Better or Worse. Fun.
Ubersoft - If you've ever done tech support, you need to read this comic.
College Roomies From Hell - Frequently Amusing. I want Dave.
Something Positive - Darkly Funny. "No mas necesto El Bano"
Just Another Vice - Beer, alcoholic woodland creatures, beer, college stoners, beer. What more do you want?
General Protection Fault - Obvious Homage to User Friendly. But a little more bizarre.
Diesel Sweeties - Porn Stars on the toilet, robots taking over the world, indie rockers getting deep fried. Ahh..sweet, sweet bliss

Tri Weekly. Usually MWF.

Penny Arcade - The Tube is Civilization. Say it, Bitch!
Megatokyo - "Piro is one sad girl drawing away from a complete breakdown" - Gabe
Errant Story - Done by Michael Poe, who did Exploitation Now, this comic is a bit wordier then most. Very good artwork, good storyline.
RPG World - If you're like me, and have been playing console RPGs long enough to remember when they were more about story then about "ooh, shiney" then this is the comic for you.
Life Of Riley - Hard to describe. Good, in an oddball sort of way. And Gore....

Weekly - Updated once a week. On sundays, in fact, for all of them.

Sexylosers - This is one of the funniest comics that I have a chance to read. Fap. Fap. Fap. Very Adult
Ghastly's Ghastly Comic - Tentacle monsters and the women who love them. Tagline says it all Very Adult

There are a couple more, but the've either been dead for a while (Avalon for instance)
Or that I dont' read every time they update. But that's about it.


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