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Ok, so I moved back to the land of my spawning last November. Not a problem. Since then, I've been looking for a martial arts studio. There's one that I know about, but I have personal issues with the sensi, because of how he treated my aunt while they were, I'm SOL, unless I wanna drive over the hill. And that's a pain in the ass, 'cause the only real reason I have for going over the hill is Fry's and some friends who live in ''Frisco. But I only go over there to baby-sit anymore. So then, I'm walking out of Safeway, and I see a guy in a gi walking, (well, limping. Obvious CP) So I of course ask if there's a dojo around, and explain why. He says, "No. It's a guy named Robert Oryall. He's teaching out of his garage." I blink, and quickly ask if I can get his number. Now, as for why I was surprised? Robert Oryall was my very first karate teacher. Way back in the third grade. The donut shop next to the safeway that we were standing in front of used to be the dojo..So, that was a couple weeks ago. My first class was this morning..and *damn* am I sore..
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