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Right, who's up for a roadtrip?

This is making me so mad I'm seeing fucking red.
I just can't imagine having this much hatred for someone because of who they choose to love.
I feel ashamed to say that I even remotely share a religon with this man. Just, what the *fuck* is wrong with him? I want to staple him up to the cross of his church, shove a dildo up his ass then eviserate him.
Christ on a fucking Crutch, What the hell is wrong with this man? Did Jesus himself not say "love they neighbor"? Or how about my favorite, "Love thy Enemy"?
Now, I'm not a very good Christan. Like, at all. In fact, I've broken just about every single commandment there is. But I think that, with a few exceptions, I'm getting better at the core of it. Which is "be generally kind to others. Accept their faults." Shepard was a nice enough boy, I'm sure. Did his homework, helped his mother with the chores with a minimum of fuss, etc. And this..person...wants to erect a statue saying that he's going to hell for the crime of loving (or even being attracted to) other men. But hose five boys who beat him to death, what are they getting? A ticket to heaven? And we wonder why people fly planes into towers 'cause "God Says To." Lord? A little favor here? I know you said you wouldn't do to whole mass drowning thing, but would it be too much to ask to have the earth swallow this fucker? Or lightning to strike him? Or at least a bus's brakes to fail while he's crossing the street? And then, dump him into the deepest, darkest pit of Hell there is, left to be sodimized by the souls of those gay men who actually *deserve* hell. Kinda like being bubba's prision bitch. I know I'm supposed to show compassion for people like that, but I'm not a very good christan, remember?

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