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Welcome to Arkham
We're all mostly sane here
So, I woke up this afternoon to this song on xmms. It seems perfectly fitting.

To Rachel L. Mayo. Born November 15, 1983. Died Far too soon.
I knew you not enough, but that which I knew about you makes me sad that the world has been robbed of your light.

At first light lay proud foundations.
Sense the greatness that before you unfolds.
Seek no more for hollow answers.
Answers that lay within you all along.
Farewell to dawns seen through saddened eyes.
Farewell to pasts to sorrows chained.
Forget your fears and want no more.
You will be strong and want no more.
You'll be adored. You will have everything.
You will be strong and want no more.
Forget your fears. You will have everything.
And want no more.

VNV Nation - Arclight - Empires

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Without the Prozac, I'm: drained drained
The Voices are Singing: VNV Nation - Arclight

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