October 15th, 2007

me, beard

Over the weekend

Awesome weekend, I went out to Maryland to visit my cousin hyuga for his birthday. Stayed with him and miraba, and their rats. Drank much, hung out with cool people, including monoploizing miraba's friends Tom and Barbara. Sorry again about that.

Saturday night, hyuga and I went trundling off to DC at about 9 PM, wandered around to see the various monuments, and talked about faith, and philosophy, and politics, and other random crap. It was much fun.

The monuments are interesting at night, because they're mostly empty, but compeletly lit up. And there are few enough people that it's quiet, and you can contemplate things, and have quiet conversations about stuff. hyuga mentioned that the Lincon and Jefferson memorials are awesome places to take a Significant Other.

I'd like to test that theory at some point.

On the way back, had an 8 hour layover in LA, was going to get together with wedgex and ardaniel, but they had been destroyed by their weekend in San Diego. LAX floor is surprisingly comfortable, but they need a 24 hour sandwhich place.

Notes: Next time, instead of leaving at the ass crack of dawn and landing in the early evening, leave late at night, and get in at the asscrack of dawn. Although, getting from SFO to the office is remarkably painless, which is really nice.

Pictures to follow later, once I get them updated to flickr.
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