May 7th, 2007

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This is mostly a note to me:

Yesterday, during conversation with 'Los, I mentioned that'd I'd had a coupleathree beers.
His response, which absolutely slayed me was: "Oh, you mean a San Fransisco couple?"
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me, beard


Wow, it's been a while since I noted one of these, hasn't it?

Well, I covered, that I remember, since..crap, february.

#13 Goblin Hero: Fun little book, about a reluctant Goblin who goes on a quest (well, more gets shoved on a quest) to save the world as he knows it. There's a previous work somewhere in there, that I haven't been bothered to track down.

#14 Myth Hunters: Fun book that involves living Myths (Jack Frost is one of the main characters), a normal(?) human caught in the mist of a war in what's basically faire land, and a foxy lady (heehee). Followed by Borderkind, which I'm slogging my way through.

#15 White Knight Newest Dresden book. Damnit, and here I was hoping to see Murphy as the new Knight. Ah, well. Carlos as a virgin was priceless.

#16 Kushiel's Justice OMG SQUEE!!! SQUEEE!!!! *pant* *pant* *pant* SQUEEE!!! *pant* *pant* SQUEEEEEE! *head explode* On a more serious note, I've been working on a dissection of this book for a while in my spare time. Actually, I've been meaning to write up a whole big thing on what those books mean to me, one by one, and how they relate to not only how I see my life/reality, but how they've effected said perception, both for the better and worse.

#17 Learning Python, 2nd Edition This book was actually a pretty good base for purposes of 'I need to figure out what the hell this is doing, what this means, etc'. I don't think that, on it's own, I would recommend it for actually learning the language, but it's very well put together for figuring out how the language works.
me, beard

Quick thought

Song that should be in the 'Most 80's guitar song EVA' for guitar hero:
Top Gun Anthem. 'cause you know that hundreds of thousands of men who were children in the 80's played air guitar to that song, thinking that they were a guitar playing, motorcycle riding fighter pilot (even if we were only 8)
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