February 11th, 2007

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Books #10-12
Ok, so I haven't had time to read, pretty much at all lately. Been working my balls of, etc.

But, Finished Punk Rock Dad by Jim Lindberg (Lead singer of Pennywise). It's an interesting take on the memior/parenting book that's been the rage among celebs lately. Because he didn't seem to clean his life up for print a whole lot, talks about how and when he fucked up, and more interestingly, talks about the struggle to keep himself true to the him who wrote and sang "Fuck Authority" while he's becoming the him who drives a minivan around with three little girls in it.

Also, A Sniper's Journey, Gary Mitchell. This book is more about his dealing with the problems that he had after his year in Viet Nam, and inability to not be a drunk asshole to everyone around him then about him being a sniper. He does four missions for some people who aren't regular army, and about a fifth of the book is dedicated to those, the rest is the rest of his army experience, a ruined marriage, army in Desert Shield, (in which he didn't actually see combat) and a marriage that was only saved by the Grace of God and a good therapist, who figured out that, 'Gee, this guy's carrying around PTSD major time.' Honestly, can't recommend it.

Feast of Souls, C.S. Friedman: I *really* like her work. This is a setup where magic eats your soul, unless you're a Magister, at which point, magic eats someone *elses* soul. And you're basically a leech, and draw from them until they die. Also, you keep yourself alive with their lifeforce. The main characters are the first female magister, who's young, and unexperinced, and majorly fucking shit up, her patron (source), who's the son of a high king, and who everyone thinks is dead. He's tracking the bitch who's killing him down.
Oh. And the End of the World is coming. Snap Quick. Seriously good book.