January 17th, 2007

me, beard


Oh, forgot to mention.

While at the store for umpty bajillion hours the other day fighting fires and reinstalling stuff, I finished Man in the Middle which means that I'm caught up with the Haigs. Yeah, Drummond is some sort of superagent. He's a LTC lawyer who's TAD CIA, and was spending half the book with forged Fibby papers. He's DHS all on his own!

And then, because windows was still formatting the disks, I read Mary Janice Davidson's new book, Sleeping with the fishes Ms. Davidson does some of the more light-hearted vampire romance novels. They're fun, if rather horrible. Mind, I was able to read this book in half of a format of an 80G hdd, and then the reinstall process, cover to cover. Not exactly challenging. But fun. Mermaid, works in Boston at the NEA (the aquarium, not the endowment), and has hijinks involving a millionare romance author/scientist/heartthrob/aikido master and The Prince of the Black Sea, who's heir to the throne of the ocean. With shopping.

Books five and six done.