February 19th, 2005

me, beard


Typing this from luger, my laptop. It's a reasonably nice machine, but definitely needs a larger hdd. I just decided that the windows partition size of 2.6G just wasn't quite big enough, and needed making bigger. So, I bust out some knoppix, and throw down with some parted. Only one problem. Parted can re-size ext3 partitions, but only by changing the *end* location of it. And, the partition table goes "Windows, Linux, Linux-Swap" So, I'm fucked there. But! I can pull enough data off of hda3, toss it into storage, *shrink* hda3, move it to further down the drive, widen hda1 (windows), move hda3 back to the *new* ending of hda1, then re-widen it. Bleh.