November 27th, 2003

me, beard


Well, folks. We've managed to survive yet another year, and for that, I'm thankful.
I've got friends, most of my family, and we're none of us hurt, and for that, I'm thankful.
I may dislike my job, but it keeps a roof over my head, food on my table and pays for frivolites. And for that, I'm thankful.
As much as I might bitch about the state of my life on a regular basis, I'm actually in a pretty good spot from where I was three years ago. Which gives me hope (something else I'm thankful for. I'd lost that ability some time ago) that, in three years, I'll be in a better situation then I am now. And that I"ll just keep plugging away at it, day at a time, and get through this crap. Anyhow, to all my friends/family who read this, Have A Happy Thanksgiving. Even if you don't celebrate it, you are *ordered* to have a nice day.
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