June 11th, 2003

me, beard

Dude. I'm gonna be in jail a *long* time


How much time are you allowed on the internet when you're behind bars? With those answers that is the only place you can be… You're a bad piece of work who must be doing some time at Her Majesty's pleasure. Either that or you're some kind of Harry Houdini when it comes to paying your debt to society.

Based on your answers, we have calculated the maximum penalty for your crimes*:

Years in prison: 121.5 Potential fine: £4500 Plus a possibility of the death penalty!

*Please note this is just a fun quiz so don't be alarmed by your score! The maximum penalty has been taken for each crime and no consideration for scale of crime committed.
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me, beard


Ok, having seen the meme in Zoners, Gryph's and Meph's journals, I'll give in.

Ask me five questions, I'll tell you no lies.
But then it's *my* turn.
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me, beard


Ok. I am *NOT* 6'2". I am 5'10".
If any of you who have *not* met me are thinking that I'm taller, you're wrong. That is all.

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