Pasha Blackcoat (blackcoat) wrote,
Pasha Blackcoat

So. I'm doing NaNo. However...I'm torn. Below are the five ideas that are reasonably well percolated, and some of them even a little bit researched and two of them (not saying which!) are even PLOTTED OUT a bit!!!

So, I leave it to you, dear readers, before just rolling a damned d6...what should I write?

Poll #1287544 What should I write?

What should Pasha Write?

Space Salvager who breaks down
Cyberpunk Secret Agent
Modern day swordsman coming to grips with his Terrible Past
Group of monster hunters in the WayBack, who are pretty broken
Second Person S&M Porn.

ETA: I break ties. I guess.

Also, reserve the right to write something else.

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