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Yeah. I need a job.

Dear Livejournal.

This week, I have (in no particular order):
Collected from about the house, crushed, bagged and taken in $22.35 worth of recycling.

Beaten Conan.

Read The Third Angel by Alice Hoffman, she of the perfect sentences. ("No, I told you a story. You can decide the rest")

Read The Painter of Battles by Aurturo Perez Reverte, he of the staggering imagery. (Oh, god. The cracks in the tower. So beautiful.)

Read Dust by matociquala, she of the genius.

Rewatched all of Criminal Minds, which is edging up on west wing as, IMO, the best written show. Ever. It has a lot of ground to cover, but it's getting there.

Created and scrapped four characters for a star wars RPG starting up sunday.

Walked or ran 75 miles.

Lifted 6 tons (in small pieces)

re-read SoS, in order, along with the annotations.

Written, and scrapped, three website designs for my aunt.

Built a Xen cluster for pay.

Cooked five loaves of bread (honey/oat, mostly)

Finally scoured the last of the burned chili off my big stock pot.

Made three gallons of vegetable broth.

Cooked 12 pounds of chicken (thighs and drumsticks) in a variety of sauces, attempting to determine which was better.

Made a variety of sauces, only two of which came out good enough to use more then once.

Hung out with heyfox on his pre-birthday outing to see Prince Caspian. (And slew a theater with a well timed quip)

Cleaned my kitchen four times.

Fixed an issue with my cable/cablemodem.

Slept a combined total of 26 hours.

Left to do:

Go to store to pick up final ingredients for potato salad for heyfox's birthday celebration today.

Make said potato salad.

Attend said celebration.

Get drunk.

Go to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at Standford tomorrow night.

Play the aforementioned Star Wars RPG on sunday.

Hopefully, sleep some.

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