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Song Lyrics game!

This is making the rounds again, but was quite fun the last time it went around...

Take your music player of choice, shuffle ten songs that have lyrics through, post the first line from each.

People try to guess, search engines are cheating...

#1: I can't stop thinking of you, the things we used to do

#2: Darkness at the break of noon, shadow leaving the silver spoon

#3: Heads on the mirror, can't get much clearer

#4: I was a little boy about four years old, when the Missippi River broke the levee at Nelson

#5: Another lonely night, on the telephone we talk

#6: I hear a wind, whistling air, whispering in my ear

#7: I see you're dressed to kill, I know I can't wait until

#8 When you feel all alone, and the world has turned it's back on you

#9 Hurry home early, hurry on home. Gotten by unixronin

#10 Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road

Ok, in order to get this ten, I skipped 10 instrumentals, 3 mashups, 3 songs that the title was the opening line, 2 podcasts, and 2 stand up comedy sketches.

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