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Welcome to Arkham
We're all mostly sane here
Oh, one more thing....
My cat is the coolest cat on earth. He's normally pretty anti-social. And stays out of my bedroom, except to patrol. But tonight, when I was feeling down and blue, he walked right upto me, butted my face with his head, nibbled on my arm for a bit, then curled up behind my knees. Kyp++. Even if he did only want some scritches.

Without the Prozac, I'm: Not quite so depressed
The Voices are Singing: George Thorogood - Long Gone

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hyuga From: hyuga Date: June 5th, 2003 05:06 am (UTC) (Link)
Cats are pretty good about that. In fact, they're so got about it that I come to expect it, and I remember getting pissed off at my cat once when I was down and all it did was stand there and look dumb like usual.
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