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Pasha Blackcoat
Interests: (64)
acting, action movies, aikido, anime, baking, barenaked ladies, baseball, bbc, bdsm, beer, black leather trenchcoats, bob dylan, books, booksense bookstores, california coast, coffee, comic books, computers, cooking, debian, dropkick murphys, erotica, eyrie productions, fantasy, firefox, guns, hockey, hybrid cars, jaquline carey, jim butcher, karate, knives, linux, martial arts, motorcycles, mountain biking, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, new york yankees, openlaszlo, penny arcade, perl, public school reform, python, questionable content, san jose sharks, science fiction, sex, short fiction, sig-sauer, squarenix, swordfighting, swordplay, tactical dating, tactical panties, unix, video games, vin diesel, vnv nation, web comics, wii, writing, yamaha, yamaha yzf-r1
I'm a hip, young, queer, geeky, gun-toting, violent person.

If you have problem with that, there's the fucking door. :)